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Your sermons, in the cloud.

Sermon in the Cloud puts your sermons, services, devotional and other recordings onto a local phone number that anyone can access.

With Sermon in the Cloud, you receive a dedicated local phone number that is managed in the cloud. Our simple portal allows you to upload up to 99 different recordings that are available instantly to all callers. You can upload recordings at any time, so people can always listen to your more recent sermons

Our service allows for unlimited callers and unlimited minutes. There is no limit to the length of recordings you can upload.

Talking on phones

The technology


There's a rush to put your services on youtube, zoom and other website. The truth is, many people don't have reliable internet, or find it difficult to navigate these sites. 

With Sermon in the Cloud, you can provide your congregants with a local phone number that works from any phone. Using a simple phone menu, they can choose from a variety of recordings and listen at any time.

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